Ferlin One premiere at the K-Fair

We’ve been talking for months about our newest dosing machine in development, the Ferlin One. But… now it’s finally almost time, it’s only 56 days until the official world premiere at the K-Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany!

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At Ferlin, the customer always comes first. The idea of the Ferlin One therefore started with Ferlin’s interest in smaller dosing machines. This machine is also suitable for companies that want to efficiently dose small batches of plastic. The challenge here is maintaining precise dosing. That is why we have named this dosing machine the Ferlin One. One refers to the way to want to add one additive in an accurate, reliable but also cost-conscious way.

The advantages of the Ferlin One

The Ferlin One is extremely accurate due to the combination of a lightweight design with small load cell and smart software.

The Ferlin One is extremely user-friendly, with intuitive operation with many smart and convenient functionalities that make manuals unnecessary.

The Ferlin One is not only light and small, but also easy to integrate in both hardware and software. It also integrates with our Ferlin Bridge!

Ferlin One at the K-Fair

K 2022 is the largest trade fair in the world for plastics and rubber and is also called the meeting place of the branch for innovation, information and investments. So it is also the perfect opportunity to present the Ferlin One.

You can find us in hall 10, stand 10A06.

In the meantime, would you like more information about the K-fair or the Ferlin One? Feel free to contact us.