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This final draft with the final areas for improvement is discussed with the appropriate people. After this consultation, final changes will be made. Then the final design is finished! Finally, the product is placed on the market and available to all. Ferlin is happy to share the latest innovations with you.


An external test involves building the machine at selected customers. They test the product lavishly. During testing, Ferlin visits the client regularly. Next, all product performance is documented. In addition, we collect customer feedback. This gives Ferlin the final insights for the final design.


During this step, the prototype is further improved where necessary. This mainly concerns aspects such as design, manual, CE testing and logistics. In doing so, Ferlin keeps user-friendliness and integrability in mind. In the workshop, an explanation of the construction of the machine is given. Next, customers for external testing are sought.


The next step involves fully developing the prototype. Ferlin stands for reliability. Therefore, the goal is also to have all aspects of the prototype working. This product does not yet have final-level design. This is mainly about the functionality of the new machine. Several tests are conducted and the results are discussed with the relevant people to apply areas of improvement.


At Ferlin, functionality and user-friendliness are paramount. The prototype consists of a functional design that tests solutions to technical bottlenecks. For best results, there is no limit to designs and shape variations. The results are assessed against the requirements set. These and areas for improvement are discussed with the relevant people.


In this step, functions are distilled from requirements and wishes.After a brainstorming session, a morphological overview was prepared. From this, a number of concepts emerge. These are thought out as far as possible. This is how Ferlin works out visual representations, technical specs and costs. At Ferlin, quality comes first. Therefore, each concept is scored according to the requirements and wishes. Based on this, the best concept is chosen.


The next step is preliminary research. This includes an analysis regarding competition and market demand. Risk and preconditions are also considered. Then the idea is validated in a presentation to the relevant people. Ultimately, the requirements and wishes for the idea are decided.


An innovation always starts with an idea. This is what Ferlin is full of. It often arises from customer demand and responsiveness to the market. This idea will first be submitted to engineering. They are conducting a number of analyses regarding the potential of this idea. The results are then presented to relevant individuals. They check if this falls within Ferlin’s vision.