Who are we

You probably already have many products at home that require a Ferlin machine. A
case of beer, a cap from the peanut butter jar or perhaps the garbage bag. It can also be done outdoors
that you have already been in full contact with Ferlin; a button on the dashboard of your car or
maybe the spray head of your garden hose?

Plastic is a beautiful raw material, but it must be used smartly so that this does not happen
has adverse consequences for our environment. Companies have to work increasingly smarter
raw materials and let us be very good at this! For the production of plastic products
very accurate and reliable dosing and transport machines are required for granules.
Ferlin is a manufacturer of such machines. We distinguish ourselves by our flexibility and…
customer focus. Our machines are distinguished by reliability, accuracy and…

The world of plastics is changing rapidly and we are changing with it. Not without success, because always
more products get the Ferlin – touch – because… Ferlin is growing! And hard too. That’s why we are now
looking for colleagues. It is important that you have a great affinity with technology and that you are “the best” at it.
want to make.

Ferlin is characterized by an open culture where there is plenty of room to come up with good ideas
come and do it yourself!
Does this sound like music to your ears? Then respond quickly!

What do we offer

At Ferlin you will learn to correctly build, cable and operate Ferlin machines. You assemble (partial) assemblies according to the set work instructions and join the subassemblies together. You use different tools and accessories. Your work takes place in different assembly lines.

What are we looking for?

– MBO level 2 working and thinking level, for example in the direction of mechatronics;
– You are a real go-getter and you pay attention to details;
– You are a team player who likes to learn.

*Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.